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291 butterflies in one’s stomach: cảm giác lo âu (trong bụng) trước khi phải làm chuyện gì mà mình e ngại – Lots of people get “butterflies in their stomach” before making a speech.

292 buy into: gia nhập – We plan to “buy into” this partnership.

293 buy out: mua đứt – A rival store owner offered to “buy out” my father’s, but he declined.

294 buy something: chấp nhận là đúng – People think Mr. Jones is a very generous millionaire, but I just don’t “buy that.”

295 buy time: để có thêm thì giờ làm chuyện khác – Renting an apartment will “buy us time” to look for a house of our own.

296 buy up: mua hết luôn, chẳng nhường cho ai khác – That wealthy investor wants to “buy up” all the land in this area.

297 buzz off: xéo đi, cút đi chỗ khác chơi – The angry coffee-shop manager told the rude teenagers to “buzz off.”

298 by all accounts: theo như lời mọi người – “By all accounts,” the picnic was a great success and everyone had a lot of fun!

299 by all means: đương nhiên rồi, có chứ – Are you coming to our dinner? – “By all means,” I will be there on time!

300 by and by: một lát nữa thôi, sắp rồi mà – Susan is a very busy person, but she will be here “by and by.”

301 by and large: nói một cách tổng quát thì – “By and large,” Lisa’s first novel was a success, which made her very proud.

302 by any means: bằng bất cứ cách nào – My lawyer said that he and I will have to show up at the FBI office in downtown Los Angeles tomorrow morning “by all means.”

303 by chance: tình cờ – We ran into Bob and his new wife at a public auction last week, purely “by chance.” [by chance = by coincidence].

304 by choice: tự ý, cố tình – Hey, nobody told me to come today; I am here “by choice,” and I want to make that clear.

305 by coincidence: tình cờ – “By coincidence,” Jim and I moved into the same apartment complex on a same day last month. [by coincidence = by chance].

306 by dint of: bằng cách – “By dint of ” sheer hard work, my brother got his engineering degree from the MIT in just three years! [dint = force, power].

307 by far: hơn rất nhiều – Dr. Jones is “by far” the meanest grader in the English department; no wonder, his classes are usually very small!

308 by heart: thuộc lòng, nhập tâm – Japanese education puts heavy emphasis on learning “by heart.” [by heart = by rote – learning by heart = rote learning].

309 by hook or crook: bất kể bằng cách nào – The road is in very bad condition and the weather is inclement, but we will get there “by hook or crook.”

310 by leaps and bounds: cực kỳ mau chóng, như thổi – The population in that booming town is increasing “by leaps and bounds.”

(To be continued)

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